Monday, May 15, 2017

Annabelle in the Woods #2: Annabelle Joins an Ornithological Glee Club

Here is the second in the 'Annabelle in the Woods' series. I used acrylic and gauche.

Annabelle likes to sing. She sings in the shower. She sings while she cooks. While immersed in a book, she sometimes sings aloud the words she is reading. When she heard the jingle jangle clamor of bird trills, tweets and chirps above her in the tree branches, she was inspired! Annabelle climbed the branches, higher and higher until she found herself in a spot surrounded by the most beautiful melody created by birds of all feather, chirping together!

Annabelle at first felt a little bashful. After all, there she was with bare arms and beakless face, an obvious outsider. So before joining in, she listened. At first, it sounded like they were just chirping cheerful melodies. But soon the bird chirps sounded like words. The words became stories and the songs became great ballads about the secret history of bird kind.

Annabelle quickly learned the chorus to the various songs the birds sing. After hearing the songs, she started to understand birds better than she had ever before in her life. She was part of them in a way, just by hearing their stories. So when they got to the chorus, Annabelle stretched out her arms, and belted out the words along with the wise and wonderful birds. Annabelle was one of them. Annabelle was part of the ornithological Glee Club.

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Love, Mom said...

I love this story and I love this picture! It's fanciful and the birds look so real. The picture gives the feeling of being high up in a tree. A beautiful fanciful tree with many colored leaves.