Friday, April 14, 2017

Thrift Store Jewelry Fix, 101: Simple Fixes for Used Jewelry

Thrift stores are a great way to get unique and inexpensive jewelry. But sometimes, the jewelry isn't quite right. Maybe it is broken, maybe it's missing a piece, maybe it isn't functional, or maybe it is just not snazzy enough...

Fix One: The Case of the Lackluster Charm Bracelet

I love charm bracelets. They are my favorite pieces of jewelry because the playful charms tell a story about the person who wears them. I have a charm bracelet that once belonged to my grandmother that I absolutely love. But with that bracelet, I sometimes fear wearing it because of the sentimental value behind it. But I found another charm bracelet at the thrift store that I am far less fearful to wear. The only problem is the bracelet as purchased at the thrift store is a bit bare of charms. 

Only four sad little charms. This is an easy fix though, as most craft and bead stores have silver plated charms that will easily add whimsy and character to a charm bracelet. 

With the right supplies a boring bracelet can easily be transformed. 
Supplies needed:
  • A fairly bare charm bracelet
  • Cute charms
  • Jewelry pliers

Use the pliers to pull apart the little 'o' ring on top of the charm. Arrange the charms on the bracelet however you want. Some people like simple bracelets with only a few charms and some prefer cluttered bracelets. I'm all about the cluttered bracelets. 

This fix doesn't have to be used for just charm bracelets. Maybe you have a necklace that is a little bland, or earrings with not enough bling. Craft stores offer a world of baubles to spruce up the boring piece of jewelry. 

Fix Two: The Case of the Missing Pin Backs

I have a couple of pins that I purchased from the thrift store that can no longer be worn, because they don't have the actual pin back used to clip the pin to clothing. 

What you need:
  • Scissors
  • jewelry pliers
  • Your pin-backless pins
  • Head pins

Head pins are often used to put beads on, but they are so malleable while still being sturdy enough, so this is why they are a good fix for pin backs. With help from the pliers, wrap the head pin around one side of the pin back frame on the back of the pin. The other side goes into the hook to close the pin. Head pins are thin enough that you can use scissors to cut it shorter if the length of the head pin is longer then the length of the pin. 

 Voila, your pins are wearable again.

Fix Three: The Case of the Uncomfortable Clip on Earrings

Clip on earrings are great if you don't have pierced ears and want to adorn you ears with some pizzazz, but if you have pierced ears, clip on earrings are an uncomfortable alternative to real earrings. I dislike the pressure of the clip on earrings on my ears. But transforming clip on earrings into normal earrings is an easy fix!

What you need:
  • Earring backs
  • Jewelry pliers
  • 'O' connectors
  • Your clip on earrings off choice

First, you need to take your earring charm off the clip on earring post. This is easy to do by using your pliers to pull apart the connector on the clip on earring. Now your charm is free! Use the connector 'O' to connect the earring back with the earring charm. Now your dowdy clip on earrings are transformed to sophisticated earrings...or at least your earrings have become more wearable if not more sophisticated.

Fix Four: The Case of the Broken Pin

With older, used jewelry, it is common for things to fall apart. Luckily, with a little glue, a once broken piece of jewelry is as good as new! The E600 glue is a good, sturdy glue to use although there are plenty of glues to choose from.

These are just a few simple methods to spruce up used jewelry. Easy fixes for used jewelry opens up a whole new world of possibilities when at the thrift store searching the jewelry section. Next time you are at the thrift store and see earrings or a pin that you would love if only......this that or the other....don't let that hold you back!

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