Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Lady Bigfoot

Lady Bigfoot, classy wild woman.

This is lady bigfoot. She lives in the woods with the other members of the bigfoot community. She makes dresses out of butterfly wings and ferns. She uses wildberries as lipstick. She washes her hair with fresh river water and crushed wildflower petals.

Sometimes Lady Bigfoot sees hikers in the woods. She is fascinated by hikers. She falls a little bit in love with every hiker she sees. She follows them and observes them so she can go back home and make up songs about them. She sits around the fire with her bigfoot friends and sings the songs about the hikers and strums on the instruments only bigfeet know how to make or play.

Sometimes the hikers feel her presence though. They feel like someone or something is following them. Lady Bigfoot tries to dash behind trees before the hikers see her when she senses they are going to turn around. But sometimes they catch glimpses of her.

Lady Bigfoot is kind and beautiful. She is creative and smart and determined. But the hikers go back to the human communities and tell stories of mountain monsters roaming the woods. They say they saw a horrid hairy beast and it was stalking them, waiting to kill. They say it had evil in its eyes.

Lady Bigfoot is gentle though. She saves bunnies from hunter's traps. She rescues birds with broken wings. The woodland animals follow her and know she will keep them safe. But the humans run away, back to civilization where they are safe from nothing anymore.

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