Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hello Crazy Vegas!

I went to Las Vegas! I had a wild and crazy time.....attending the animal care expo! I got so drunk....on excitement over learning more about animals! It was a really fun trip and I loved having the chance to learn more about how to make an impact on animals lives through shelter and rescue work. It turns out my first trip to Vegas was for work rather than play, but the best type of work is where I got to learn and I got to be around inspiring people. And even though it was not a 'traditional' Vegas adventure, I did have an opportunity to go out on the town and explore a bit. I liked all the replications of artwork and world renowned attractions. My favorite part of going out on the strip though was the street performers. I love street performers! They are so impressive and give a place more personality. One street performer I liked was a friendly accordion player. Another street performer I saw is almost impossible to describe. He was a dancer. He wore an outfit that when he was crouched so his palms were touching the ground, the outfit looked like two people holding hands. Then he would dance around (like dancing while in downward facing dog position) so it looked like the two people were dancing. It was super cool!

My first Vegas trip was a success! Not financially though as I didn't go home winning a jackpot. I gambled a dollar and lost all but fourteen cents which didn't seem worth using the voucher to reclaim. Vegas has never been a place I have been interested in exploring, other than in the sense that anywhere never experienced before is interesting on some level. But once I was there, it was more interesting than I expected! It felt very surreal and otherworldly. It was an absurd and fantastical and gaudy place and I couldn't help but want to feast my eyes upon every nook and cranny! 

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