Sunday, January 1, 2017

A New Years Eve Day Hike

Happy New Year! Let's hope that 2017 will be better than 2016, although it is hard to feel to optimistic based on what is going on in the world. Some things in the world will happen that will be out of our control, but every individual still has the ability to decide how they react to the bad things that happen in the world. In order to make the world better for the future, we all must stay compassionate, stay curious, and stay proactive. 

On New Years Eve day, I went on a beautiful hike on Little Si. Little Si is a mountain in Washington, the little sibling of Mount Si, a much larger mountain. The trail curled through a beautiful mossy forest and led to the top of the mountain where the view was spectacular!

Here is the first view of the hike. Little Si is know for it's view, but this is just a teaser.

Mountain hikes are always very rocky! 

I love hikes full of ferns and moss. Ferns and moss transform the woods into something full of magical possibilities. I feel like I will spot a little elf or mythical animal wandering around the woods.

Little Si is definitely a popular hike for Washingtonians, especially Seattlites because it is fairly near to the city. The view from the top is spectacular! From the rocky perch where I stood a top the mountain, I could see thousands of trees and beautiful snow covered mountains.

 There is nothing like being out in nature to make you appreciate the world a little bit more. Standing a top Mount Si was a perfect way to say good bye to 2016.

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