Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Owl Tutor and Story Twins

Here is an illustration I made recently.

The Owl Tutor finds the twins in the woods and trains them to be stories. They live on words and earthworms. They bury stories in the soil and watch them grow.

 Someday, the story twins will grow old. In the folds of their wrinkled skin, their find lost lines and hidden endings. They will remember their life's fondly. They will remember the letters they combed out of each other's hair. They will remember the stories they found stuck to the bottom of their feet.

What the story twins will remember must are the stories they sculpted and molded and transformed into real life children of their own. Their story children grew and learned and created their own stories. Now the story twins sit together in the woods and watch the world around them whirl and whistle with words from generations of story children.

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