Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Delightful Barn Animals

I befriended some farm animals recently. Goats and donkeys are two of my favorite kinds of farm animals. At the animal rescue I work at, we have a goat and a donkey that are best buddies. They live in the same paddock together and hang out. I thought these two critter's had a unique friendship, but when I was at this other farm, the goats and the donkeys were very peacefully coexisting. Goats and donkeys have very different personalities, but the personalities seem to suit each other well.

Goats are goofy, playful, dramatic, funny little creatures. Goats are clever creatures that seem to have an understanding of comic timing and the idiosyncrasies of humor. They know just when to jump onto something strange, or just the right angle to cock their head in order to produce laughter and 'awwwwws!' 

Donkeys are peaceful and gentle creatures. They give off an aura of great wisdom. I wish they could speak English and impart their philosophical musings and profound insights on me. Donkeys should roam the halls of hospitals. Something about being in their presence makes me feel more peaceful. And who needs a calming presence more than people at a hospital.

So together, donkeys and goats are the perfect duo. One charms you with their wit, the other with their wisdom.

When one of the donkeys came walking up to me, he let out a chorus of flatulence in his wake (more of a goat move, if you ask me, but who says a heartfelt soul can be matched with a slapstick sense of humor). The donkey did not have time to be bashful of such trivial things as farting. He had a mission, which was to come over and befriend me. That donkey and I just immediately liked each other. He followed me around when I went to say 'hi' to the other animals.

One of the goats had a unicorn horn. He was a unigoat! Goats pretty much are mystical creatures. 

My favorite goat was a very hungry goat. He tried to eat everything. He would stick his head underneath the fence and reach as far as he could in order to nibble on bits of grass. He also tried to eat my dress.

I didn't just have the pleasure of meeting goats and donkeys, I also met some chickens! Only one of them was really eager to have her picture taken. The rest were camera shy. 

I also befriended an adorable barn cat. It started raining and the cat and I hid under an awning together while the rain passed. 

A day spent with barn animals is a day well spent. 

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