Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Gentlemen Bird

Here is an illustration I did of a gentlemen bird. 

The gentlemen bird was in late teens when he befriended his first worm. He had been eating them his entire life. Then one rainy day when all the worms sat wriggling on top of the mud, something changed in his heart. He looked down at a worm, his mouth open wide, when he saw the worm staring back at him with an inquisitive expression. The little worm said "Hello kind sir, would you care to join me as I wriggle in the mud. After all, it is one of my favorite pastime pursuits."

The gentlemen bird had never before considered rolling around in mud. He was a fancy fellow who meticulously cleaned each speck of dust of his tailored suit. But there was something about the worms eagerness that sparked the gentlemen bird's curiosity. So he took off his suit jacket and rolled around with the worm. There was nothing more thrilling then completely abandoning the social constraints of a well-groomed appearance to embrace the fun of filth!

After the muddy experience, the bird wanted to show the worm one of his favorite pastime pursuits: Flying! He daintily picked up the bird in his mouth and took the little fellow for a soar high in the sky. The worm giggled and laughed merrily as he flew hundreds of feet in the air.

Forever after, the gentlemen bird could not eat worms, he could only take them for thrilling rides in the sky. And although he still maintained quite a dapper appearance, the gentlemen bird made sure to make time for fun in the mud with his worm pals. 

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