Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Dusty Ballard Road

There is a semi-secret, dusty road through Ballard bordering the ship canal. It is a sad and interesting road. It is a museum of rust and old boats. It is a botanical garden of weeds. 

Ballard use to be a hot spot of industry. But over the years it has changed into something else. It is full of cute shops and delicious restaurants. Condos are being built over every stray bit of available land. But there are still reminders of Ballard's industrial roots.

I don't know what these old buildings are for, but I imagine it is a place to work on boats. Inside it probably smells like sawdust and resin. The ship-workers tell each other stories of the sea while they apply varnish to the splintering teak of old,old boats.

There are lots of secret messages painted on the surfaces of the dusty path. This word means something to someone out there.

Traveling homes for sale. Gas guzzling adventure machines, ready to lumber down highways to fantastic destinations.

Another secret message. A response to the first, perhaps? The two fences are having some unknown conversation.

This old truck is for sale too. I think it has been here for a long time. The weeds are growing up around it. The rust and the words have taken over it's surfaces.

This dusty road follows a no longer used railroad track. The couple of times I have walked down this road, I've seen a large group of homeless people huddled behind an unused building. It looks like they are waiting for a train that is never going to come. It is like they gathered there with a grand plan to train hop and find their fortune in more prosperous lands. But the train never came, so they decided to just stay and wait and wait and wait. 

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Summer road trippin nostalgia and the sky is so blue! :)