Friday, July 15, 2016

Woods and Splintercats

There are little pockets of forests in Seattle. I use to live near one. 

Often when I am in the woods, my thoughts wander to mysterious, forest creatures. There is one forest creature known to inhabit the Pacific Northwest that I only recently heard of: The Splintercat! The splintercat is a mighty creature who creates forest turmoil using it's abundant physical strength. With a whirlwind of energy, the splintercat crashes against trees, breaking branches, leaving behind brittle reminders of what the trees once were. The trees with their jagged branches resemble large splinters, hence the cats name. It is often the most delicate part of the body that the cat uses to break branches, it's head. So the poor creature often suffers from headaches. As many a headache sufferer could relate, it is difficult to be in chipper spirits with a pounding headache. So the splintercat is often full of angsty gloom and grouch. This is one of the many reasons it is good to leave splintercats to their wild ways. Although it would be enticing to befriend a mythical creature, it is far less enticing to be eaten alive by a mystical creature, looking to distract from a headache. The reason the splintercat is always bumping into trees is because it is in constant search of raccoons and bees. The splintercat has a fine appreciation for the taste of honey and raccoon meat. 


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