Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Part Two: Marsh

The marsh is full of beautiful slime. 

Standing on the edge of the marsh and looking down into the slime, I want to recoil from and embrace the slime at the same time. There is just this curiosity drawing me toward it, coaxing me to reach down and feel the slippery murk. I resisted though and instead just took pictures. 

You've heard of sea monsters and lake monsters....but what about marsh monsters? I see one, right there, it's yellow and fuzzy! .... wait, that is a dog.

If there was such thing as a marsh monster, it would be green with long, swaying fur. Underneath the fur, the marsh monster would be very bumpy. It would have red, droopy lips and drowsy eyes with slime covered eyelashes. It would eat pebbles and grass for breakfast and algae drenched dandelions for dinner. The marsh monster would be too drowsy to be sinister. All the marsh monster would ever want to do is sleep underneath the water with the sun shining through the green haze.

The marsh is a peaceful place, with the marsh plants glowing gold in the afternoon sun....

...and the butterflies fluttering from flower to flower. 

 I use to live near a marsh. It was a birdwatchers paradise. They would be floating on the marsh or hiding in the grass. There was a car that would always park on the road to the marsh. Every single day, the car was there. There was always someone inside. He had huge antennas pointing up from his car. I don't know what he was doing, but he must have had a mission. Looking back, I think he was probably listening to the sky for signs of alien intelligence. Now, when I think of marshes, I think of strange cars and birds. 

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