Saturday, July 16, 2016

Part One: Grasslands

While visiting San Juan Island, I went on the most fantastic hike! It was a hike with four parts: grassland, marsh, salt water and forest. Today, I will share Part One: Grasslands. 

This pretty white flower was covered with marching ants. Maybe the flower was seeping with sugary nectar. Maybe all the ants were confused and thought they were on cotton candy. Maybe the ants were on a vacation where they got to relax among soft petals and sea air. 

I love when you can see tree's whose shapes are altered by the wind coming in from the sea. It makes the wind seem so mighty.

I got the pleasure of hiking with a merry dog who led the way during our hikes. You can see his fuzzy, eager head above the long grass. He wishes patience is something he never needed to use, but he will wait with grace anyhow. 

The grassland portion of the hike made me nostalgic for home. Where I grew up in California, our greatest natural beauty came from rolling hills coated with dry sprigs of swaying grass. Once, my family went hiking through a trail lined with dry grass and soon, hungry ticks were practically leaping onto our legs in joy. I basically had to run away in fright. I love nature, but there are certain things I do not put up with, blood thirsty ticks being one of them. Luckily, in our grassland San Juan hike, no ticks were discovered.

While walking through the grasslands, we saw glorious beautiful creatures: two foxes. One was black and one was red. The black one was hanging out in a shadow and just blended right into the scenery. But once I noticed it, I declared with grand enthusiasm "A FOX!" I was quickly teased that I was only seeing a tired dog. But upon closer inspection, and when the black foxes orange friend arrived, it was obvious the type of animal I was truly witnessing! They both were majestic creatures. It was almost as exciting as if I had spotted a magical creature. 

I have heard theories that say chihuahua's are actually descended from foxes rather than wolves. Foxes are amazing animals, so I do like the idea that we get to hang out with their descendants. But I also love the thought that the gigantic great dane and the itty-bitty chihuahua all share the same ancestors. It proves how arbitrary physical appearances are and that we all share connections that may not seem obvious at first. 

Sadly, it looks like some of the natural beauty of San Juan island is being converted into less natural uses. But imagine if you were a construction worker with this job those two fellows have. I bet they feel like they got a sweet gig, Getting to build right next to the glistening water and the swaying grass. They probably go home to their significant others and their kids and their dogs in a sense of peace. They probably tell stories of the animals they see during the day. They probably tell stories to themselves when they work and they probably never feel bored. 

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