Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Part Four: Forest

The last part of my hike was through a beautiful, sun dappled, mossy path.There were light bird chirps from the branches above. Sometimes there was the rustle of the wind or a small moving animal.

This tree is dripping with sap. It looks like an arctic waterfall, frozen from the tilt of the planet away from the sun. 

Sometimes hikes in the Pacific Northwest are like hikes in a fairy tale or fantasy novel. There, in the distance! Is that a small troll hunched near the tree?

Someone left forest art on the side of the path. It looks like a little nest for pine cones. Out will hatch birds covered with pine needles instead of feathers. 

Who knows, maybe the artist who created this work is a famous trail artist (like street artist for the woods.) They could be the Banksy of the hiking world. This is how forest art should be done. Impermanent and using the beauty of the world they are in. They are using the materials around them to create their own art. 

My time spent on San Juan island really was incredible. It is such a beautiful and peaceful place. It is a small island with such abundant natural beauty. 

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