Tuesday, July 12, 2016

One Anteater in Search of Five Characters

Here is a picture I made recently of a hungry little fellow.

Inside the anteater is are ants dressed up in costumes. One is a clown, one a ballerina, one is a hobo, one an army major, and one a bagpiper. It is a Twilight Zone Reference!

An anteater wanders through a flowered meadow in search of something delicious to eat. The unsuspecting ants are quickly devoured by the anteater.

When the ants find themselves inside the anteater's stomach, they suddenly no longer know who they are or why they are where they are.

After the anteater consumes the ants, he never thinks about them again except for the rare times he gets a stomach ache. Then he might think, "that one ant looked a little off, now that I think of it."

The ants who survive think about their friends for a moment, right after they think "I am glad I survived that!" Then the live ants go back to searching for sugar.

The flowers don't think about anything at all.

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