Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Creative Gardens

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Gardens inspire creativity in people. You can see it in the way people decorate their gardens and they way they grow their gardens. The colors of the garden, the excitement of growing life and the beauty of nature work together to incite a spark in the people who grow and experience them.

Here are some pictures I took of a beautiful community garden in Seattle. Seattle is full of community gardens and they are all so beautiful! This garden has a great mixture of art and plants. I can imagine the gardeners toiling away in their gardens as ideas for art filled their heads.

A long time ago all our ancestors lived surrounded by plants and nature. Then we moved to buildings and offices and enclosed spaces. We may have stepped out of nature, but nature still lurked in our hearts. Research now is finding people are positively effected by plants. Windows to the outside world and houseplants boost creativity and lower stress. Hopefully, with these new findings, plants and nature will be more incorporated into everyday living. 


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