Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Blue Skies and Lonely Buildings

Here are pictures of two mysterious buildings. They look pretty dilapidated, rickety and run-down. They look abandoned and unused.....but perhaps that is the way they are suppose to look. What better way to disguise an important building with a secretive purpose then by giving it all the trappings of unimportance.

Building number one: A once white building now striped with green and orange due to mildew and rust. It looks sad and unused. But perhaps it isn't so unused. Perhaps inside top secret scientific experiments are going on. Experiments such as creating weather machines to control the skies, or creating robots to infiltrate the general population. But in another twist, the robots would be good and kind-(metal) hearted. They would teach the world to embrace generosity, love and respect of all life (and sentient non-life).

Building Number Two: What looks to be an old barn house. Made from rotting wood with peeling paint clinging to it here and there. Planks from the barn are loosely hanging to the frame by old rusty nails. A sad looking building...empty, or perhaps not! Maybe inside this building lives a colony of half-animal half-human hybrids. Beautiful beings wanting only a life of peace but regarded by the rest of the human population as fear inspiring mutants. During the day, they curl up together in the abandoned barn. In the evenings, with their animal vision, they roam free.They pick dandelion bouquets and howl at the full moon. 

Or maybe they really are just old, abandoned buildings. But it is fun to imagine what they are, what they once were and what they will be in the future.I can imagine that in the past they were used to make machinery. In the 1940's, a bunch of smart women worked there to make parts that were used in cars or typewriters or antiquated and obsolete machines we no longer use. I can imagine an artist colony buying the two buildings and turning them into giant studios. They would paint murals on the outside and the inside would always smell like paint, glue and clay. 

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