Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Moth Brings Flowers to the Arctic Creatures

He is a picture I made recently with micron pen and acrylic paint. 

The polar bear lives in a wild, far off place full of ice castles and snow. The colors they see most every day is white, off white, gray, dark gray and various shades of icy blue. Most of the time, the polar bears of the icy world don't mind, but sometimes they need some color. Every 20 months, the sun comes out and gets warm enough to sustain plant life. The polar bears and other arctic creatures prepare for months for this glorious time of increased sun. They spend thousands of dollars on flowers from warmer regions. With these flowers, they decorate their entire arctic world. They cover their ice castles with flowers, they braid blooming buds into their thick fur, they add petals to their tea and pollen to their soup. It is the festival of flowers.

The celebration of flora all starts when the winged creatures of the great south venture to the arctic with their array of flora samples. The polar bears look at each floral specimen, choosing which ones they want to purchase for the festival. The moths and birds and other winged creatures are never invited to the festival, but they dream about it and worry about it, wondering what happens to all their flowers in the frigid arctic world. Sometimes they are fearful for their flowers. They imagine their flowers wilting, or drooping with the weight of icicles dangling from their petals. Other times they are happy, as they know their flowers provide hope and joy to the creatures of the arctic world. So although they miss the flowers they spent so much time rearing and caring for, they are comforted that their flowers provide so much to others.

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