Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sunshine in Portland

  Here are some pictures I took while visiting Portland. I live only three hours away from this beautiful city, but I do not make enough time to visit. Portland is a lot like Seattle, but maybe a little mellower and the pockets of quirkiness seep more into the city's culture as a whole, rather than remaining in subcultures or particular neighborhoods. Although I am sure city's that are more straight and narrow then Seattle may feel the same about us. I couldn't live in a place considered too normal. I need some weirdness around me. I love a place with character and a city that knows how to embrace the quirk. 

 One of the first times I went to Portland I was still in my early twenties and it seemed like everyone I saw was my age. It was like being in a futuristic city where they 'get rid of' all the old people and only the youth are left behind to roam. Everyone was too high on the joy and invincibility of their youth to concern themselves with all the missing old, middle aged, or not-quite-young-any-more people.  I think it must have been the neighborhood I primarily spent my time in was a young person neighborhood. Or it was just some sort of bizarre fluke. Or there is an underground, rarely discussed dwelling in Portland where everyone is shuffled off to once they reach the age of thirty. But, alas this last option can't be true since the other times I was in Portland I saw more age diversity.  

I looked it up and Portland isn't even on the list of top ten cities with the youngest median age. The youngest city is a place I have never hear before called Provo, Utah.

The city with the oldest population is also a place I have never heard of before. It is in Florida. Florida always has to hear cliches about how the elderly flock to their land to be in a place warm and peaceful. But it looks like the stereotype of Florida being haven for senior citizens has basis in truth since the city with the oldest population is Punta Gorda Florida. 

While I was in Portland, a nail pierced the car's tire. There was the whistling swish of air seeping from the hole. Luckily, I was not stranded. A friendly tire store employee patched up the the tire in no time.

The whole time I was in Portland, it was sunny and beautiful.


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Laurie Duncan said...

Portland is someplace I would really love to see, and you picked great weather to see it! :)