Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Searching for Ghosts and Finding Statues

I was not in England for very long, but I packed a lot into a short amount of time.

I went to Harrods, a fancy shopping place and saw the Princess Diana Memorial along with other neat sculptural delights. If anyone has seen the show 'The Paradise,' Harrods reminds me of a modern day version of this.

When I was little I use to love the movie "Bedknobs and Broomsticks.' It is a delightful story about a witch, her warlock mentor and three children traveling on a bed and having magical encounters. One of their journeys is to Portobello Road to look for a mysterious magical book. Portobello Road seemed like such an amazing place! In the movie scene, there is a lot of singing and dancing. It was so cool to get to the real life Portobello Road. I did not find any magical books. I didn't see anyone dancing and singing.  But I did have an urge to sing "POORT-O-BELL-OHHH ROAD, PORTOBELLO ROAD, Streets where the riches and ages are stowed!" I couldn't find a good link to the actual scene in the movie, but here is a link to the song itself: Portobello Road Song.

Another awesome thing I saw was a real life Banksy!

I also saw some less impressive graffiti. 

I tried to visit the ghost of Anne Boleyn at the London tower, but it was closed when I got there, so instead I took a couple of pictures near the tower. No ghosts of Ms. Boleyn or any other ghosts were spotted near the perimeter of the towers. 

Since I have ghosts on the mind now, I did a quick internet search out of curiosity. I looked up how many ghosts are there in the world. Of course this is an unanswerable question, as ghosts very existence has never been proven. But the internet is full of bravado over answering the unanswerable. It looks like even the internet didn't feel confident enough to answer this one. The only answer I really found was from a random user on an answers forum who claimed the question was unknowable due to the fact that just as ghosts move on to different worlds, other ghosts are created. The ghost population is always fluctuating, ebbing and flowing into the unseen ethereal abstract of worlds beyond.  

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