Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My Last Day in London

On my last day in London, my friend and I took an early morning walk. We had to get every last drop out of experiencing glorious London, so even though we had stayed up late the evening before, we were ready to experience more. We walked around and took pictures. We walked in a park. We started going down a  path way and it looked like there were odd sculptures lining the pathway. But it was actually only benches disguised by the shadows to look like something grander.

Eventually, our sleepiness started to catch up with us so we got espresso beverages. I ordered a 16 ounce latte. I  didn't say grande because I didn't know if that was an American thing and also, not all coffee shops in America use that sizing system. The woman had an accent from another country, but I don't know which country. That was one thing I noticed a lot. So many people had accents from other European countries. When I ordered a 16 ounce latte, she thought I ordered 16 lattes. There was some confusion, but luckily it was worked out before she started making 16 lattes.

After we got our drinks, my friend and I got a seat at the window at one of those seats that faces the window-basically a prime people watching seat. We watched all the people rush by. We counted how many people were wearing jeans. We were told no one in London wears jeans, and we would stick out like a sore thumb, like a fly in a bee hive, if we wore jeans. I only brought non jeans with me to wear, and no one was the wiser, until I opened my mouth to speak of course, and my twangy american accent comes pouring forth!

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Autumn Elixe said...

Wow, I love the tree statues that look like some ancient trees.