Thursday, June 2, 2016

Advice From a Plant, Advice About a Plant

Weeds are plants too! Weeds just want sunshine, water and a place to grow their roots, just like the well groomed rose bush or the treasured tomato plant. And it is weed season! I love spotting all the weeds that start popping up from between cracks in the sidewalk or on abandoned bits of land. Weeds are inspiring. Not even cement can get in their need to grow and thrive. You know if weeds could talk they would say " Never give up!" and " Who cares what other's think, you do your thing!"

Plants can be quite the conversation starters. Near where I work, there is a home improvement store and since I am growing plants in my apartment complexes community garden, I decided to stop by the plant section before heading home. I got one cucumber plant. On the bus ride home, three different people chatted with me and all of it started with them asking about my plant.

The first person was a plant enthusiast. She smiled shyly as she declared "Plants are my thing!" I asked if she had any advice about how to keep my brand new plant alive. She didn't have a magic formula for plant success. She recommended water and sunshine. But sometimes simple advice is what one needs. Water and sunshine are essential to human health too.

The next person who sparked up a conversation with me due to my cucumber plant, was sitting at the bus stop. He had a far off expression in his eyes and a slightly dazed smile. He asked about my plant, but then quickly segued into talking about the new joy he discovered in his life. He had just seen his daughter for the first time in twenty years. The last time he saw her, she was ten years old. He told me he has new found meaning in his life. This man also had advice for how to care for my cucumber plant. He said I should talk to it but I shouldn't read it horror books.

The last person who was inspired to conversate by my cucumber plant was a lonely guy who just wanted someone to talk to. This man also had advice for my cucumber plant. He said that it shouldn't have too much water or too much sunshine.

To sum it up: My cucumber plant needs water but not too much water, sunshine but not too much sunshine and talking, but nothing too scary.

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