Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sunshine Songs

A pal and I went to the garden show this year. It is strange to see strategically created celebrations of the natural world in a big indoor space. But it shows the power of these plant artists that I still felt transported by their nature creations. 

The garden show also has booths where you can buy plants and plant related baubles. I got two plants: A strange cactus with yellowish spikes that is shaped like a slug and a flashy air plant with long fronds. I've had a couple of air plants, but both have died. This one is still going strong though!

I can imagine in 1000 years garden shows will be full of genetically created plants such as plants that grow in weird shapes (like stars or letters) and animal-plant hybrids. The animal-hybrids will have petals instead of fur and will eat sunlight instead of food.

 I have heard of a modern human belief in which the person thinks they can live off of sunlight instead of food. The practice is called breatharianism. For some sun-eaters, they consume their sun meals through their eyes instead of their mouth. They stare directly at the sun, hoping to absorb all they need to sustain life through these intense gazing sessions. Something about people who believe in the sun as a way to survive reminds me of The Polyphonic Spree. Just like the breatharianism,  The Polyphonic Spree has a culty yet whimsical (although in the case of breatharianism, it is a dangerous breed of whimsy) vibe. The Polyphonic Spree and breaharianism also both appreciate sun.

Even if I could live off sunlight and water alone like a plant, I wouldn't want to! Food is amazing. However, I am all about singing songs about the sun. Here are a couple of other sun themed songs.

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