Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Proof of Sunny Days to Come

The gray clouds are no where to be seen...it is officially sunny season! But before the sunshine arrived, I had plenty of photo proof that sunny season was on its way.

It all started with the leaves growing back on those bare branches.

Even better, the flowers began to bloom!

Before the sun completely takes over the sky, there is a bit of a battle between the storms and the sun. And unlike most battles which are full of carnage, storm-sun battles result in beautiful rainbows!

Every year, right as the seasons shift, I find a herd of busy ants. I think of these ant herds as harbingers of sunny days to come.

My cat Wendel knows what is up. He has staked claim at the best sun bathing spot in the apartment... the window sill!

Hooray for sun! (Even if I still have to wear a coat while enjoying it!)

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