Saturday, April 16, 2016

Carkeek Pt. 2: Washed Ashore

I love to collect beautiful objects from the beach. Broken shells, barnacle covered rocks and gleaming peices of sea glass are all amazing seashore treasures! I use to fill my pockets with these seashore treasures an put them in jars to display in my house. But I live in a small space and don't have room for even more clutter, even if the clutter is beautiful! I will still sometimes take home something I find on the shore if it is especially amazing. But now, I will also take pictures of the beautiful things I find and leave behind. This way I can still admire the seashore treasure when I am away from the shore.

Over the years, I have found all sorts of beautiful and interesting things washed ashore.I have found sea glass, shells of strange creatures, beautiful rocks and once even the tiny dried remains of a little octopus (by little, I mean the size of a fingerprint!)

Here would be the top things I would love to discover on the beach, besides a genie lamp or a treasure chest.

  1. A message in a bottle. I wonder how many bottles with letters are bobbing around the sea right now, just waiting to wash ashore and be discovered by some eager stranger, itching for a mystery.
  2. The washed up remains of a never-before-seen sea monster. Ideally, it would be either s sea serpent with huge yellow eyes, scales, and spikes ridging across its back or one of those sea-brontosaurus types of monster with long necks, a pudgy body, stubby fins and a long tail. It would be even better if the sea monster was alive so we could assist it back to the sea where it could live out her life in the peace of  churning waters.
  3. An alien spaceship, covered with rust and barnacles. Discovering an alien spaceship would be awesome and scary at the same time. The implications of true evidence of aliens is hard to imagine. In movies though, aliens sometimes bring humans together. 
If I never find any of these, I am happy to continue finding beautiful rocks and shells at the beach. 

What do you want to discover washed up on the seashore one day?


autumn elixe said...

I love the barnacles. Those are some amazing pictures. I've never seen such interesting barnacle attachments.

Amber said...

I agree, barnacles are awesome. The beaches in Washington are full of more barnacles then I have every seen anywhere else!