Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Amazing and Wonderful London!

I recently had the most amazing experience of traveling outside the United States for the first time ever! I went to Jolly Old England! When I first stepped off the plane and into the outdoors, It looked like Seattle. I saw gray skies and some roads. But it didn't take long to feel like I was in the magical land of London, England. The further we drove away from the airport, the more utterly unamerican the landscape looked. I saw trees unlike our own, and beautiful old and majestic buildings, sculptures on everything, depictions of lions and unicorns on everything and many very dapper Londoners walking about the city.

Growing up as an English speaking American, so much of the literature, movies and TV I've consumed and enjoyed in my life has taken place in England and more specifically London. (Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Peter Pan, Bed Knobs and Broom Sticks, A Little Princess, Marry Poppins, Sherlock Holmes, Oliver Twist...okay, I will stop naming stuff, you get the idea!) So being in London, this land of stories, was really like going to a make believe world. I think that so much children's literature takes place in London makes it feel even more magical then if I was just introduced to the city sporadically throughout my childhood but more so in adult fiction. But the fact that plenty of adult fiction also takes place in London just reinforces the magical atmosphere the place hold in my mind.

Here are pictures from my first walk exploring the fantastic city of London!

I enjoyed every single moment of my trip to London. Everything was so beautiful, interesting and exciting! After my experience traveling to a England, I have the travel bug. I want to travel more and explore the world! After my trip when I was home, I took an online quiz where by answering questions they determine which country you should visit. As I was taking the quiz, I pondered all the amazing and exotic places the quiz may pair me with....Hungary? South Africa? India? Switzerland? Nope...I got Canada... the most culturally and geographically similar country to my own. I certainly would love to go to Canada also, but it doesn't feel exotic the way traveling to Brazil or Germany or Japan would, so I had to laugh that this was the country they thought I should visit next.

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Laurie Duncan said...

You're so lucky! This is my dream trip! And the photos you took just make me want to go more. Beautiful! :)