Thursday, February 11, 2016

Up, Up and Away!

There is nothing like the thrill of a window seat on an airplane ride!  I love seeing all the amazing sights down on the ground. It is amazing that we get to understand the world from a different perspective. Things that seem large are tiny and cute. The designs of cities and towns become beautiful in a whole new way, the roads and square plots of land and houses forming patterns and pictures.

Probably, being on an airplane ride will be the highest up in the air I will ever get. But with technology moving so quickly these days, who knows! Maybe tourist space travel will be a possibility some day. Although it is hard to imagine it will be available to anyone except the super the super wealthy.

Speaking of outerspace, I was excited to hear about the possible discovery of another planet in our solar system. I propose it be called Pluto Junior, since everyone was very disappointed over the loss of Pluto as planet status. Pluto Junior can never replace Pluto, but at least in name it can play homage.

If the planet exists, it would be a big ol' planet, ten times the mass of the earth. This maybe-a-real-planet only orbits the sun ever 15,000 years.

Here is an interesting article on Slate by charming astronomer Phil Plait if you want to learn more from an expert about the exciting news of a possible new planet!

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