Wednesday, February 3, 2016

It's Now or Never

   Here is an illustration I did of a slightly angry yet very determined forest girl. It's now or never!

The forest girl has lived with the forest animals, sprites and woodland elves here entire life. They live in a mushroom village underneath the trunk of an enormous tree. Lately, things have been changing in the forest. The city creatures are encroaching on their land. The city creatures are made of cement and iron. They come toppling clumsily into the edge of the woods. They have spindly legs and bulging eyes. The City creatures cough and smog comes sputtering from their open, toothy mouths. The city creatures plop down and all the foliage dies. Instead, tall and ugly buildings sprout upward and outward. Miserable faces appear at the windows. The faces look around and scowl. The forest girl knows something must be done. It's now or never.

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