Monday, January 25, 2016

Oh, How I Love the Library, Part Two of Infinity: Book Titles and Covers Edition

Something else fun about the library: Finding books with funny or odd titles or books with beautiful or interesting covers.


'Peppy Monologues', because a monologue should be peppy! Why waste time on a dreary, lackluster monologue.

"Merry Old Mobiles..." I have never been a car enthusiast, but maybe I could be a 'merry old mobile' enthusiast.

"Little Mammals of the Pacific Northwest" I am definitely a little mammal of the pacific northwest enthusiast. All mammals are amazing, but the little ones are some of the most wonderful.

 "All About Brushes." Sometimes I am charmed by the specificity of a book. An entire book about brushes! Somewhere out there in history, a brush lover eagerly sat down to his writing table and penned a book about brushes.

"Foolish Figleaves?" This one tickles my fancy because it's funny name. I think someone would name their band Foolish Figleaves, the question mark being optional. 


'Mermaids, The Myths Legends and Lore.' The script and illustrations around the title are both really pretty. I also like that the cover looks a bit beaten and worn around the edges.'

'Folding Paper Masks.' I love the lady's wide eyed expression and her hair cut.

'Moon Lore.' I love this illustration. It is so pretty. The title reminds me of a short story I listened to on the podcast/radio show 'Radio Lab.' The short story is called 'The Distance of the Moon' and it is by Italo Calvino. I recommend giving this episode a listen! It is Radio Lab: Distance of the Moon.

 'Russian Criminal Tattoo.' An entire encyclopedia (and only the first volume) dedicated to such a specific type of tattoo. Neat!

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