Sunday, January 10, 2016

Goldie Rescues the Pigeon

 Here is a picture I made of Goldie rescuing a pigeon.

Goldie was still young but she had a past to escape. At first she thought a move to the city was a good idea because she could easily blend in with the crowd. But everyone was moving to the city these days. She may see thousands of strangers a day, but so many of them had familiar faces. She decided to truly escape, she needed to move somewhere secluded.

So she moved to a little town by the seashore and changed her name to Goldie. She liked the sound of it. Goldie's were sweet, fun loving types of women. She as ready to be sweet and fun loving. She was ready to not have a care in the world.

At the sea she did feel a little bit like a true Goldie. She spent her days working at a tourist shop at the boardwalk. She sold people necklaces made out of shells and shirts that said stuff like "Sea you soon" or "For Shore!"

One day on her walk home, Goldie heard a strange noise. It was the sound of a mournful coo. The sky was clear, but the waves were ferocious, beating against each other and whipping at the sky. Goldie looked toward the sound of the cooing and saw huge wings flapping in the water. A giant pigeon was frantically flailing in the ocean with three eggs bobbing by her side. Goldie's heart stirred. She ran down the boat pier toward the pigeon. Leaning down on her belly, she was able to scoop up the three large eggs The pigeon had used her head to lift the eggs toward Goldie.

It was a more difficult task to save the giant pigeon. But birds are always lighter then they look, and even a giant pigeon was light enough that at the right angle and with the right burst of strength, Goldie was able to pull the pigeon up to the safety of the pier.

The pigeon's frantic coos turned into coughs as she sputtered out salty sea water. Goldie grabbed two of the eggs in her arms and the pigeon balanced the last on her head. Together, they walked back to Goldie's apartment. Even though it was only early Fall, Goldie started a fire in the hearth. The pigeon huddled near the flickering flames, her feathers finally dried off.

"You saved me and my eggs." The pigeon said the next day.

"Oh, no worries!" Goldie said, slightly blushing. She always got embarrassed when complimented or thanked.

"I will forever be your friend and ally."  And so the pigeon was. The pigeons babies hatched later that winter. Goldie and the pigeon raised the sweet fledglings together.

Sometimes, Goldie got lonesome for the things she left behind. The pigeon would give Goldie rides to the city or to the town she left behind. From the safety of the air, Goldie could see all that she missed so dearly.

The pigeon and Goldie had something in common. The pigeon had been escaping her own past. She had been flying away from her past over the sea when she became so exhausted that all her muscles seized and she fell into the sea. Her eggs, which had been resting on her back, fell into the water too.

It wasn't the life they had planned on having when they were young, but they were happy living in their little home together, raising the baby birds. Some day, something else would happen, and something else after that. But for now, they had each other and they could grow older at least for a while watching the sea and the sunsets and the pigeon babies playing.

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