Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Wonderful World of Trees!

I went to the garden nursery around Christmas to take pictures of the trees and animals. 

  One thing I like about Christmas is the excuse to bring a live tree into your house. This year, I also brought in live bugs. First I found a big brown beetle meandering across the couch. Then I found a lady bug nestled on the cat tree. It is a good thing I found the little creature before one of my sweet beasties did. Trees are like individual miniature habitats full of creatures. 
  When I was in college I lived near forests full of trees. There was a constant battle between the people who wanted to cut the trees for profit and the people who wanted to save the trees. Once, I had met a girl who had lived in a tree for a couple of months to try to save it. I never asked her what she did up there in the tree during her days. I imagine lots of reading. Maybe she drew pictures of the forest creatures she witnessed from her high up perch. 
   According to an article I read on the NPR website, there may be 3 trillion trees! Trillion is a number that is basically meaningless to me. I cannot even visualize what a trillion is. But I know it a lot! There may be 390 billion trees just in the Amazon basin. Imagine all those trees full of creatures and life! 

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