Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Amazing Plants!

  It is plant time! The sun is shinning and the plants can finally revel in sweet, sweet photosynthesis. Just as 'plant time' began, I went to the the local p-patch/community garden to explore. 

  Now that plant season is in full bloom, I need to go back and see what is growing! Plants are very interesting and amazing!
  I learned about an interesting plant that certainly is not at any local p-patch, but I sure would love to see it in real life. It is called Victoria Amazonica. It sounds like a super hero name, but really it's a gigantic lily pad. This lily pad is thick and green. The sides of the lily pad grow up toward the sun instead of remaining flat along the water's surface. Underneath the lily pad are thick veins, and on top the lily pad looks smooth but bumpy. The Victoria Amazonica also has a flower. On the first evening the flower blooms, it is white. But by the second night, the flower is no longer white, instead it has transformed into a pink flower. The most interesting thing about the lily pad is it's size. Gigantic is no exaggeration. The Victoria Amazonica can grow up to ten feet wide!
  A ten foot long lily pad is not the type of thing I imagine existing in the real world. It's the sort of thing that would exist in a fairy tale. I can imagine a cohort of fairy tale characters drinking tea together on the giant lily pad. I would love to have a picnic a top the Victoria Amazonica! I would feel like Thumbelina.

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Train Coincidence

  Sometimes after work, I like to wonder around the neighborhood and take pictures. This time I took pictures near the train track. 

  One thing I find endlessly interesting are stories of coincidence. Since I am on a train theme with this post, I have a train themed coincidence story to share.
   Three Englishmen, experiencing the delights of discovery that travel provides, were on a train together zipping through Peru. I imagine these three Englishmen to all be dapper in their own way. This story takes place in the 1920's, so it is virtually impossible that they were not dapper. They probably all wore hats and suits and were full of daydreams from previous evenings spent with flappers at speakeasies.
   The three dapper Englishmen were not travelling companions. They all  had their own reasons for traveling Peru. Maybe one was chasing a lost love. Maybe another wanted to see a llama in person. And probably the third man was just full of wanderlust.
  The train was empty except for these three Englishmen. Although one travels to experience the unfamiliar and to see a world unexpected and unlike their own, it must have been comforting to be in the presence of one's countrymen. I am sure each of them felt lonely and strange at some point during their journey. The three Englishmen got to talking. This is when they discovered something very strange. One of the men's name was Bingham. Another of the men's name was Powell. And the third man was named Bingham-Powell!
   I don't know what happened after they met on the train, but I like to imagine the three men abandoning their original plans in order to travel together. After Peru, they probably traveled to other countries. Maybe they went To Brazil to see the golden lion tamarin. Maybe they went to visit a Mayan temple in Guatemala.  But for sure I like to imagine when they got back to England, they remained life long friends.

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Urban Giraffe Sighting!

  There is a house near where I live that has a 'pet giraffe,' or so it looks this way.

What a charming fellow this giraffe is! I tried to do an internet investigation to find out more about this giraffe, but alas, I found not a thing. Surely the people who own this friendly giraffe named him! He looks like a Lewis or a Gregory to me. This is really awesome though, and I think that more yards need fake giraffes guarding their home.
   Giraffes are such strange, otherworldly creatures. They look like an imaginary animal! They should be living in a realm of fantasy along with unicorns and dragons. Imagine medival themed fantasy novels where orcs and elves ride noble giraffes. What about 'Game of Thrones' reimagiend with Giraffes. Dani would be the Mother of Giraffes instead of dragons.
   Giraffes are interesting weather they are sharing the spotlight with fantastical creatures or weather learning about he nitty-gritty facts of real life giraffes. Here are some intereting facts I learned about giraffes

  • Giraffes are animals with big hearts!... litterally! Their heart is up to two feet long and twenty-five pounds. That is the size of a little kid! (A)
  • Giraffes look to be sweet, docile and peaceful beings. But when the going-gets-tough, the giraffes has no qualms about using violence! While they will mostly run away from predators, they sometimes defend themsleves  by kicking a potential foe. These kicks have proven deadly to lions. (A)
  • Giraffes do not indudlge in the fine pleasure of lounging. They stand most of their lives, including when sleeping and giving birth. (B)
  • The theme of giraffes is 'long.' Giraffes have very long tongues to match their very long necks. Their tongues can be up to 21 inches! (C)

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Monday, June 1, 2015

Wall of Murals, Part Two

   I walked along different parts of the mural path on two different days. The second time was one of those weird weather days where the sun was shinning while the rain was plummeting downward. Perfect rainbow conditions, however I did not see a rainbow this time. This type of weather is called sunshowers, but some people refer to it as the devil and his wife fighting. Since the devil is suppose to be living underneath us, it seems strange that his fight with his wife would effect the weather. It seems like an earthquake should be a sign of the devil and his wife fighting. Sunshowers are so pretty though, they don't seem like something that would result from an evil being fighting with his wife.      
   On Wikipedia, I found other sayings people use to describe sunshowers. For some reason, sunshowers have a common connection of matrimony in many different countries. Here are some animals said to be involved in a marriage when a sunshower happens: Fox, crow, wolf, monkey, hyena, bear, monkey, donkey, leopard and jackal. In India, sunshowers also mean a ghost wedding. In Lithuania and Estonia, sunshowers are described as orphan tears that are being dried off by a grandmother. My favorite is a Russian description referring to sunshowers as 'mushroom rain.' It has a simple explanation. Sunshowers are thought to be good mushroom growing weather. But I love the image it invokes! I am imaging cute mushrooms (The type that are red with white polka dots-elf and gnome mushrooms) falling from the sky. (Read more about sunshowers phrases over at the wikipedia page.)

   This last mural of the girl and the feisty feline is my all time favorite!