Friday, December 11, 2015

Eerrie Stairs, Eerrie Stories

 Walking home from the bus stop, I came across a creepy scene. Once there were two old, rickety homes with decaying walls and boarded up windows. Now all that remained was leafy vines growing up stairs that led to no where and an army of abandoned stuffed animals.

  The stuffed otter looked my way with vacant black eyes. Next to it sat a pink mystery animal whose dull eyes were almost as vacant, except for the slightest hint of pleading behind the blank stare.

  Speaking of creepy, I recently finished watching a really interesting and eerie TV show called 'The Returned.' There is an American version and a French version. I watched the French version which is available on Netflix and I definitely recommend it.
  The premise of the show is that people who died in the past come back to life. They do not remember anything of their death. They don't have decayed bodies, they look exactly as they did the day they died. The returned people reenter their life as if nothing happened. A lot of the show deals with the way the families and people in their life deal with their loved one's return. 
  This show is not straight out horror, it is slower and eerier. I much prefer scary stories that subtly creep up on you rather than throw a lot of bloody gore and screams at you. If you feel the same way, here are some other eerie stories I recommend:
  • 'We Have Always Lived in the Castle' by Shirley Jackson (Book).  Shirley Jackson is a master of the unsettling and the eerie. This short novel of hers is my favorite. It is a story about a very strange young woman named Merricat. Merricat, her sister Constance and her uncle live a secluded life that is marred by a tragic and suspicious event from the past. 
  • 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' by Peter Weir (Film). This is such an eerie story about a mysterious vanishing of young women on a school trip.
  • 'Everything that Rises Must Converge' by Flannery O'Connor (Book of short stories). Flannery O'Connor writes beautiful Southern Gothic stories that stick with you long after you read them. My favorite is called 'A View of the Woods.' 
  • 'Annihilation' by Jeff VanderMeer (Book). This is such a great book about a mysterious nature reserve and all the strange and disturbing things that happen. 
  • Twilight Zone by Rod Serling (TV Show). The Twilight Zone is full of some of the eeriest and most thought provoking stories. I will forever love this show. 
Something I have read recently that is more along the traditional 'horror genre' that is really great is a graphic novel series called "Locke and Key."Locke and Key is by Joe Hill and illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez.

This picture shows four of the six books in the series. It is a great series that mixes horror, mystery and fantasy together to create a compelling story about a family's connection to magical keys. The keys allow the children in the family access to all sorts of magical wonders, but many of these wonders have a sinister side. The power these keys contain bring out the evil side in some. With malicious intentions, the evil doers battle for control of the keys. These graphic novels are full of adventure and creepy delights!

How about you, what are some of your favorite eerie or scary stories?

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