Friday, December 4, 2015

A Fresh Fried Museum

You know what they say about Americans, we love things fried. Apparently, even our museums! One of my favorite museums in Seattle is definitely the Frye. Every time I go (except for one time when all the exhibits were closed for some weird reason) I leave delighted!

Here are some of the exhibits I saw last time I went. The Exhibition is called 'Genius' and it is running till January 10th, so if you are a local, go check it out!

This piece featured dancers projected on tubes made of string. The images were moving images. The dancers looked beautiful projected on the light and airy strings. I felt an urge to go into the middle of the room and start dancing along with the projected images. But, I held myself back in order to not break any social norms. Although, what better place to break social norms then around a bunch of art? This installation is by artist Zoe Juniper and is called 'We Were'.

These two pieces were both fiber art. I like the colors and the geometric shapes. They are by artist Shabazz Palaces.

 These arrows look the are bursting through the floor. They have light bulbs on them that light up in an upward motion. It was like a forest of lit up arrows. This one is by SuttonBeresCuller and is called 'You Always Leave Me Wanting More.'

This one is from their permanent collection. This one is by Franz Von Stuck and it is called Sin. Several months ago I went to an exhibition just of Von Stucks work. This one was one of my favorites so I am glad it is still hanging up in the museum.

Now that it is the season of blisteringly cold days, storms, rain and general dreary gloom, museums become an even more wonderful escape into wonder, light and color. Here are other things to do on cold and rainy days:

  • Indoor botanical gardens! What better way to appreciate outdoors indoors then a botanical garden bursting with plants. In Seattle we have a botanical garden at volunteer park called Volunteer Park Conservatory
  • Ferry Rides! This one is a bit specific to people living in places with a ferry system. The ferry price has gone a bit up since I moved to Seattle, but it still only costs a little over eight dollars, which is definitely worth a beautiful ferry ride to and from and island. I love to cozy-up on a ferry with some coffee or hot chocolate, sitting next to a big window while watching the scenery drift past. 
  • Aquarium! If you are a water person but don't feel like getting drenched by rain, the aquarium is a good place to go. With any place that exhibits animals, it is good to do your research ahead of time. The Seattle Aquarium focuses a lot on conservation and will release animals back into the wild. If your local aquarium has dolphins or whales, please don't support it. 
  • Pho! Grabbing a friend and pho is a great way to escape a cold day. There is a lot of debate on how native English speakers should say the word 'pho.' In Seattle, everyone says it as if starting to say the word funny. But in other regions, people say it as if saying friend or foe. Another great thing about pho is that it is notoriously cheap. 
  • Coffee date! I love finding coffee shops with good window seats so I can sip my drink while people watching. 
  • Movie theater time! Watching movies at the theater is a classic rainy day activity. 
  • Go outside! Sometimes the best thing to do is just embrace the cold and wet and go venture in the outdoors. Hikes in the rain are the best! Everything smells so amazing and even popular hiking spots are fairly empty. 

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