Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Cat

  Here are more pictures from my hike on San Juan island by the American camp. This place reminds me of somewhere in California I've been, but I can't remember where. When I was there, I just felt this tug in my  memory. It was a sense of familiarity that was linked to California but not to a direct memory.

   When we got to this part of the hike, Cindi and I climbed along the rocks together. We both were very engaged in taking photographs. As we started walking away from the rocks, Cindi said, "Hey, look. There is a cat." I looked but did not see a cat. We were in the middle of nature, near no home so I thought it fairly unlikely that a cat would be hanging out anywhere nearby. "I don't see it." I said. "Over there, a cat!" But still, I saw no cat. As we got closer, she said, "Oh never mind, it was a rock."
   I thought this was the end of the story because a rock shaped cat made a lot more sense then a cat. We climbed up the trail back into the fields and away from the rocks and shore. I was walking ahead of Cindi, and you won't believe what leaped in front of me! A cat! A genuine, fuzzy feline, not a rock. It dashed across the trail and scurried into some bushes. I was astounded! This was no place for a cat. Cindi basically had a psychic premonition down by the shore. It was pretty amazing! I hope she doesn't start seeing rocks that look like volcanoes erupting and asteroids hitting earth. Only good premonitions about animals, please!


Laurie Duncan said...

What a beautiful place :)

Amber said...

It was so beautiful! I want to go back.