Friday, September 4, 2015

Dot Reads Great Adventure Stories to the Prickle of Eager Hedgehogs

Here is a picture I made for my hedgehog-adoring, book-loving friend.

   Dreamy, book loving Dot came across a miraculous place! She was wandering, both in thoughts and action, when she came across a library in the middle of the woods! What an amazing place it was to behold! There were tall, majestic trees that were full of books. Dot explored the library. When she found a book that perked her interest, she tugged it off the shelf. Soon, she had a small stack of delectable reading! Dot found a soft grassy patch and began to read.
   A shuffling, rustling sound interrupted her reading. She looked up to see a prickle of hedgehogs heading her way. Dot had never met a hedgehog before, but she had seen them before in story books. The hedgehogs she met were much larger than she imagined, but they were every bit as cute as she imagined. Their big black eyes seemed to implore her to read aloud to them. So she began. The hedgehogs curled up around her and listened to the story unfold.
   Maybe it was the magic of the pages, or the conviction of her words, but soon the stories began to spring to life! Captain Jollysea Ashworth was no longer a figment of the mind, he was there with them, acting out his great adventures. Dot and her hedgehog friends could feel the spray of the sea, they could smell the brine in the air! The world of books really was one of the most magical places in all the universe! 

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