Monday, August 3, 2015

Urban Wildlife

  Most cities are full of reminders of the wild world. Whether it be scampering rats, scavenging raccoons or weeds growing up from between a crack in the sidewalk, there is no city on earth that can completely tame the wild world. One thing I like about living in Seattle is that reminders of nature are embraced! I love finding pockets of nature in my city explorations. Here are some wildlife sightings I've had recently.


  There are rabbits that live near my work! They are quite the sight to see with their long ears and startled expressions. On the day I saw this rabbit, I hadn't seen one of the local rabbits in a long time. But just before I rounded the corner to get to my works back door, I had a feeling I was going to see something awesome once I rounded the corner. I was right! I saw this rabbit! Since then, I've been seeing rabbits more often in this lot, but each time it is exciting.

Baby Birds!

  I admit that these pictures aren't the best, but at least in the second one you can make out the baby bird face and in the other two you can see evidence of a nest. I was walking a dog friend when I heard a bunch of little chirps coming from the pedestrian signal light box. These boxes make chirping sounds anyway for the visually impaired. But these tiny chirps I heard were different, full of more true merriment and less mechanical. When I got to the signal box, I looked up and investigated. Low and behold, there were scraps of nest material dangling from open holes in the box. Upon further inspection, I saw a sweet little birds face peering down at me. How cute!


    I was walking home from the grocery store when I noticed the tree trunks of all the trees lining the sidewalk were full of little ladybugs in various stages of metamorphosis. The little creatures that are black, a little longer and spiky are the ladybug larva. The little creatures with a hard, curved shell are the pupae. Eventually, the skin of the larvae will crack open and a full grown, adorable ladybug will emerge. Ladybugs are opposite to humans. They are at their cutest as full grown adults.

  These have been my recent urban wildlife encounters. I'm sure I'll have more to come!

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