Friday, August 14, 2015

Oxbow Park Part Two: The Garden

  These pictures are from Oxbow Park's (the park with the giant hat and boots) community garden.  I love the idea of toiling in one's garden with a giant cowboy hat and boots just yards away. I also love the little free library that is in the garden (pictures are toward the bottom). I think these are awesome! It is such a sweet way to bring a community together. The Little Free Library was started by Todd Bol, who built one in honor of his book loving mother. What a wonderful tribute to her and even better that the idea caught on in so many different places. 

   Today there has been a thunder and lightening storm in Seattle. What a relief to get a break from this ever oppressive heat. Today after work, I cam home and read while drinking hot tea. Of course I kept the blinds open so I could look up to see rain drops streaming down the window. The thunder and lightening stopped by the time I got home, but the rain was still heavy. I sure have missed rainy day reading! 

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Autumn Elixe said...

What a fun garden. I can smell the onions and soon the sweet peas will smell like heaven. Artichokes and kale!