Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Magical Trees

  While at Greenlake, I found a magical group of trees! It was a dreary day, the only colors visible the gray of the sky and lake and the bright green of the grass and surrounding trees. But across the grassy field there was a burst of beautiful pink! It was the pink of flowers overflowing off an English Hawthorn tree. The branches of the English Hawthorn trees draped down to the ground, forming a dome. I was drawn to them. I had to investigate further.

  I explored each tree, circling them and going underneath. Once inside the dome of branches and leaves, it felt very cozy. It felt like a little home in there. It would be the home of a magical creature or a magical person, like a good which who uses plants to make healing spells. I thought if I ever had to live on the streets, I would sleep underneath one of these trees. It turns out I am not the only person to think this way. Underneath one of the trees a person was living. They had their sleeping bag set up over a carpet of flower petals. Their belongings were dangling from the tree branches.

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Laurie Duncan said...

It does look quite magical!