Monday, August 10, 2015

Here are the Secrets in the Land of Georgetown

  Wandering! Few things are as enjoyable as going wherever your whim takes you. David and I wandered around Georgetown a couple of weeks ago. We were actually wandering with a mission though. We were in search of the cowboy boot and hat park, which we did find, but I will share those pictures in the future. These pictures are from the wandering portion of our Georgetown excursion. 
 I have made up one sentence short stories about some of the photos.

   Here is the little red car that traveled to Mars in 1969 with a car full of folk singers and a dog dressed like Abraham Lincoln.

  Here is the van that was built from pieces of excess sky.

Here is the man who traveled one-hundred years on his motorcycle, his only companion the wind who told him stories in a language only few people know.

Here are the barrels full of lost memories.

 Here is the truck that forgot what it means to be alive so instead turns into a ghost at night to travel the highways in a half dream state.

Here is the truck the children painted after they revolted and took over the town.

Here is the cemetery where the truck drivers thrive.

  Here's who makes the sounds that you hear every night when everyone else is pretending to be asleep.

  Here is the flower that tried to battle the sun and instead found sorrow clinging to the tip of each of her petals.

Here is the house that cloaks herself in cheer to stave off the threats of every passing stranger.

  Here is the garden of talking roses and instead of talk of sweet thoughts they plot their escape from the confines of their roots.

  Here is the plant that learned to glow and all it took was collecting the moonlight while the rest of the plants slept.

 Here is the house that has a forest within where all the woodland creatures dig tunnels backwards in time.

   Here is the house where all the old cats live along with your great-grandmothers ghost.

  Here is the bird that pretends to be asleep but springs to life at the first sign of danger to protect the entire world from catastrophe.

Here is the wise dog that knows your heart and everything else that ever was or will be.

  Here is the brick wall that has goblins trapped on it's surface but the goblins only need wait for a full moon to escape an make mischief in the quiet night streets.

   Here is where the furniture falls slowly to sleep before going home to strangers in strange places.

Here is a man who traveled back in time to live in place that is peaceful and full of fresh air.

Here are directions to the last place imagined and the first place your find on a late summer afternoon.

  Here are the remains of a library of forgotten books.

Here is a map to the small city you made-up when you were only nine.

Here is where they stand when they have no where else to go.

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