Friday, July 31, 2015

It's Okay to be Misunderstood

  You are walking down the side walk with the sun blaring down on you, when you hear the sound of scuffling behind you. You turn around. There is no one there except for a cute, little chihuahua. It tilts it's head to the side and blinks it's big watery eyes. "How cute!" You think. Then suddenly, another chihuahua appears from behind a bush. "Well isn't that strange, another one!" But then, more and more appear until you are surrounded by a herd of chihuahuas, their tiny barks thundering through the air!
  This isn't just fanciful imaginings. Somewhere, wandering the suburban streets of Arizona is a pack of little chihuahuas terrorizing a community. It is a story that is both funny and sad. It is a good example of why neutering and spaying your pets is so important! From the chihuahua packs perspective, they are just trying to live their life's. They found each other and formed a community. 
  Also, I think Chihuahuas are often misunderstood. People think of them as yappers and biters. Every chihuahua I have met has been super sweet. One reason chihuahuas have a bad reputation is because their human friends don't feel as much a need to discipline them. Their owners assume a little dog's bite is harmless and their tiny bark cute. If a dog is not taught to behave, it is not the dogs fault if they act naughty. 
   Something else that is misunderstood are weeds. Weeds are beautiful! Here are some pictures of weeds I took recently one hot day after work.


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