Monday, June 1, 2015

Wall of Murals, Part Two

   I walked along different parts of the mural path on two different days. The second time was one of those weird weather days where the sun was shinning while the rain was plummeting downward. Perfect rainbow conditions, however I did not see a rainbow this time. This type of weather is called sunshowers, but some people refer to it as the devil and his wife fighting. Since the devil is suppose to be living underneath us, it seems strange that his fight with his wife would effect the weather. It seems like an earthquake should be a sign of the devil and his wife fighting. Sunshowers are so pretty though, they don't seem like something that would result from an evil being fighting with his wife.      
   On Wikipedia, I found other sayings people use to describe sunshowers. For some reason, sunshowers have a common connection of matrimony in many different countries. Here are some animals said to be involved in a marriage when a sunshower happens: Fox, crow, wolf, monkey, hyena, bear, monkey, donkey, leopard and jackal. In India, sunshowers also mean a ghost wedding. In Lithuania and Estonia, sunshowers are described as orphan tears that are being dried off by a grandmother. My favorite is a Russian description referring to sunshowers as 'mushroom rain.' It has a simple explanation. Sunshowers are thought to be good mushroom growing weather. But I love the image it invokes! I am imaging cute mushrooms (The type that are red with white polka dots-elf and gnome mushrooms) falling from the sky. (Read more about sunshowers phrases over at the wikipedia page.)

   This last mural of the girl and the feisty feline is my all time favorite!

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