Thursday, June 11, 2015

Urban Giraffe Sighting!

  There is a house near where I live that has a 'pet giraffe,' or so it looks this way.

What a charming fellow this giraffe is! I tried to do an internet investigation to find out more about this giraffe, but alas, I found not a thing. Surely the people who own this friendly giraffe named him! He looks like a Lewis or a Gregory to me. This is really awesome though, and I think that more yards need fake giraffes guarding their home.
   Giraffes are such strange, otherworldly creatures. They look like an imaginary animal! They should be living in a realm of fantasy along with unicorns and dragons. Imagine medival themed fantasy novels where orcs and elves ride noble giraffes. What about 'Game of Thrones' reimagiend with Giraffes. Dani would be the Mother of Giraffes instead of dragons.
   Giraffes are interesting weather they are sharing the spotlight with fantastical creatures or weather learning about he nitty-gritty facts of real life giraffes. Here are some intereting facts I learned about giraffes

  • Giraffes are animals with big hearts!... litterally! Their heart is up to two feet long and twenty-five pounds. That is the size of a little kid! (A)
  • Giraffes look to be sweet, docile and peaceful beings. But when the going-gets-tough, the giraffes has no qualms about using violence! While they will mostly run away from predators, they sometimes defend themsleves  by kicking a potential foe. These kicks have proven deadly to lions. (A)
  • Giraffes do not indudlge in the fine pleasure of lounging. They stand most of their lives, including when sleeping and giving birth. (B)
  • The theme of giraffes is 'long.' Giraffes have very long tongues to match their very long necks. Their tongues can be up to 21 inches! (C)

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Laurie Duncan said...

I agree that giraffes are fascinating! Thanks for the great info :)