Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Amazing Plants!

  It is plant time! The sun is shinning and the plants can finally revel in sweet, sweet photosynthesis. Just as 'plant time' began, I went to the the local p-patch/community garden to explore. 

  Now that plant season is in full bloom, I need to go back and see what is growing! Plants are very interesting and amazing!
  I learned about an interesting plant that certainly is not at any local p-patch, but I sure would love to see it in real life. It is called Victoria Amazonica. It sounds like a super hero name, but really it's a gigantic lily pad. This lily pad is thick and green. The sides of the lily pad grow up toward the sun instead of remaining flat along the water's surface. Underneath the lily pad are thick veins, and on top the lily pad looks smooth but bumpy. The Victoria Amazonica also has a flower. On the first evening the flower blooms, it is white. But by the second night, the flower is no longer white, instead it has transformed into a pink flower. The most interesting thing about the lily pad is it's size. Gigantic is no exaggeration. The Victoria Amazonica can grow up to ten feet wide!
  A ten foot long lily pad is not the type of thing I imagine existing in the real world. It's the sort of thing that would exist in a fairy tale. I can imagine a cohort of fairy tale characters drinking tea together on the giant lily pad. I would love to have a picnic a top the Victoria Amazonica! I would feel like Thumbelina.

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Laurie Duncan said...

such pretty flowers! And that lilly pad sounds so wonderful!