Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Train Coincidence

  Sometimes after work, I like to wonder around the neighborhood and take pictures. This time I took pictures near the train track. 

  One thing I find endlessly interesting are stories of coincidence. Since I am on a train theme with this post, I have a train themed coincidence story to share.
   Three Englishmen, experiencing the delights of discovery that travel provides, were on a train together zipping through Peru. I imagine these three Englishmen to all be dapper in their own way. This story takes place in the 1920's, so it is virtually impossible that they were not dapper. They probably all wore hats and suits and were full of daydreams from previous evenings spent with flappers at speakeasies.
   The three dapper Englishmen were not travelling companions. They all  had their own reasons for traveling Peru. Maybe one was chasing a lost love. Maybe another wanted to see a llama in person. And probably the third man was just full of wanderlust.
  The train was empty except for these three Englishmen. Although one travels to experience the unfamiliar and to see a world unexpected and unlike their own, it must have been comforting to be in the presence of one's countrymen. I am sure each of them felt lonely and strange at some point during their journey. The three Englishmen got to talking. This is when they discovered something very strange. One of the men's name was Bingham. Another of the men's name was Powell. And the third man was named Bingham-Powell!
   I don't know what happened after they met on the train, but I like to imagine the three men abandoning their original plans in order to travel together. After Peru, they probably traveled to other countries. Maybe they went To Brazil to see the golden lion tamarin. Maybe they went to visit a Mayan temple in Guatemala.  But for sure I like to imagine when they got back to England, they remained life long friends.

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