Thursday, May 14, 2015

Snoqual-you...No Snoqualmie!

    I finally visited Snoqualmie Falls. Snoqualmie Falls is near Seattle and it is definitely a place that draws a lot of tourists. The 268 ft tall falls was made famous by the TV show Twin Peaks. In the shows intro, Snoqualmie Falls is seen raging, the water splashing into a white haze below. It is amazing to experience it in person, because it is not just about the sight of all the water flowing down, but also the sound it makes. It is a beautiful sound! It has a comforting roar to the sound a mighty, yet kind beast would make.

  Here is a picture of David with a look of utter disappointment because he is not allowed to climb. How dare this sign get in the way of a man's desire to climb! Actually, at first I wanted David to take a picture of me with the frowny face by the 'No Climbing' sign, but I kept laughing. David is a much better actor than I. But, as a short person who is often forced into situations where I need to climb (like to get to a high cupboard), I am quite a good I too am saddened when my desire to climb is stifled by bossy signs, even if the signs are bossy for my own protection.  

First I can't climb, now I can't use my drone! Rules, rules and more rules! 

  Someone put a sticker on the back of this spotlight. This could only have been accomplished by one of three ways: climbing over the fence, stretching their arms Rubber Man style, or using a drone to fly over the fence to stick it on the back of the light.... some people, no regard for the rules!
  While watching all the water falling, I wondered if anyone had ever rode down it in a barrel, the way daredevils do down Niagra Falls. An at-home internet investigation gave me no further information. However, I did discover that a man named Mr. Blondin walked on a tightrope over the falls! (Snoqualmie Falls History)


Laurie Duncan said...

Those falls are so beautiful! I just love the sound of waterfalls too! :)

Amber said...

Hi Laurie,
It was such a beautiful sight! The sound sure is amazing.