Saturday, May 2, 2015

Heaps of Abandoned Shoes

  I found some interesting things to take pictures of on my walk from work to downtown.

When a fence has this much barbed wire, it just makes me more curious to know what they are protecting. It must be something pretty good to adorn the fence with such a lavish crown of barbed wire. Hmm...what could be happening behind the gate....Alien experiments? Could their be stashes of ancient pirates gold? Top Secrets for sure. Top secrets that are either sinister or delightful.

   There was something a little eerie about coming across all these discarded shoes. What are they doing here? Why are there so many? Why is there only one pair? Who did they belong too? And do I even want all these questions answered, because what if they are answered and the answer is simple and boring, full of zero mystery at all.
   Abandoned shoes is an actual 'thing.' It even has it's own Wikipedia page! That is how you know something is an actual thing.  The Wikipedia article has a really boring theory that we see more abandoned shoes then other attire because shoes are hardier than a jacket. I don't' think this explains it all though.
  The Abandoned Footwear Wikipedia article also talked about an incident in which an expressway in Florida was covered with abandoned shoes. Apparently, there were thousands of shoes sprinkling the highway and interrupting the normal flow of traffic. This sounds spooky too! It reminds me of stories about storms where it rains fish or frogs. But it turns out there was a semi-normal explanation and the shoes were from a charity that was sending shoes to Haiti. This still doesn't explain how they all got on the highway.
  Something spookier than abandoned shoes though are abandoned feet! There is a sea called Salish Sea that borders British Columbia, Canada and Washington State (Where I live!). For some reason, there have been eleven different detached feet found in the sea since 2007! Only two of these feet have been left feet. It is a mystery to why so many detached feet end up in this sea. Very strange, indeed!

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