Friday, May 29, 2015

Flowering Plants and Interesting Animals

  I took pictures of various flowers and other plants while walking from work the other day. 

    I have been watching a series on Netflix called 'Life Stories' all about animals, and I have learned about some pretty interesting animals! One being a fish called the lungfish. The lungfish hangs out in shallow ponds, but sometimes the ponds will evaporate. The lungfish isn't deterred by this dire situation. Instead of succumbing to an ill-fate, the lungfish burrows into the muddy ground. In the muddy ground, the lungfish can wiggles it's body around to make a little home for itself. Once it has created it's safe underground home, it covers itself with mucus so it can remain moist. Afterward, the lungfish waits patiently for the rain to create new ponds. It can wait for several years! Part of the reason that the lungfish can survive outside of water is that it still has lungs, so it can breath air. 
 The other amazing animal I learned about is a spider called the wolf spider. When this spider has babies, the babies cling to their mother and live on top of her as she goes about her business. For the first couple days of their life, they live on dear old mom! The images of the mother spider plodding along with all her little ones living on her is both creepy and amazing! 

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