Monday, April 13, 2015

The Jellyfish Brings Lana Gifts From The Sea Man

  Here is a new illustration I made of Lana and The Sea Man. 

    A long time ago, Lana was on holiday by the seashore. After a day of eating salt water taffy and chowder in bread bowls, Lana wandered to the edge of a wharf to watch the sunset. It was a spectacular sight, watching the sky illuminated with orange and red and pink. She felt so peaceful as she watched the colorful lapping water slowly fade to dark. After the sunset, Lana decided that she should head back toward the stability of land. Even though the moon was full, it was hard to see. Lana tripped over an anchor and went flying off the edge of the wharf. She plummeted downward and landed in the water. It seemed like the ocean floor was a living entity, a monster with many arms. The kelp seemed alive as it wrapped it's slimy limbs around Lana. Lana thrashed and tried to move back toward the air. She could see the moon like a bright bulb wavering above her. But she couldn't move toward it. But then she saw a strange figure in the murky water. It was a strange sea man. He tore the kelp free from Lana. The Sea Man grabbed her around the waste and swam her back up to shore. Lana got a wonderful breath of air, just in the nick of time!

  When Lana told her story, no one believed her. She didn't mind their disbelief or their pity. She knew that somewhere under the sea lived a kind sea man. She waited at the end of the wharf for weeks afterward in hopes she would see The Sea Man. She never saw him, though. But as the years went by, it was her greatest regret that she never properly thanked The Sea Man.
  Years later, Lana lived by the ocean. She had befriended all the local seals. Her closest seal friend was a kindly lass named Jolly. After hearing Lana's story, Jolly offered to take Lana out to the sea to further search for The Sea Man.

  But there was something Lana did not know. When sea men are sea children, they don't look at all like small versions of their grown up form, like land humans. When The Sea Man was a child, he looked like a common starfish. One day, an especially large wave knocked him from the sea and onto the hot sand, with the sun simmering above him. The Sea Man could feel the sun leach the moisture from his limbs. He was slowly drying up and dying. But then a young girl came toward him and picked him up. The young girl inspected the starfish with much curiosity. She saw that the creature that she though was a starfish was dying. She ran toward the ocean with starfish creature cradled in her arms. Just as the water was being sucked back toward the rest of the sea, the young girl tossed the starfish creature back into the water. The Starfish Sea Man was returned to the water with no time to spare. The girl, who of course was Lana, had saved his life.
   So when The Sea Man saw that he had a chance to save Lana's life, he was grateful that he could return the favor. He had always wanted to thank the girl, but didn't know how to. And now that Lana had come searching for him, he sent his jellyfish to give her a gift of thanks. 


Autumn Elixe said...

Really enjoyed the pics and story.

Amber said...

Thank you!