Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cherry Blossoms and Dinosaurs

   One Spring day, I walked around my neighborhood and took pictures of all the beautiful cherry blossoms. After the gloom, gray and bare branches of Winter, cherry blossoms are quite a wonderful treat.

   Besides the reemergence of flowers in the world, there is more exciting news I've heard recently. After years of persuading the world that the Brontosaurus never existed, experts may have finally relented. The Brontosaurus existed after all! Well, at least some paleontologists believe so.
    The Brontosaurus, a charmer of a dinosaur who's good qualities include it's long neck, appreciation for plants, enormous size and fun-to-say name, has always been one of my favorite dinosaurs. And it's not just me, the Brontosaurus has long been a favorite prehistoric creature of wide-eyed and wonder-filled children everywhere. But, along with the loss of innocence comes the stark 'truth' that the Brontosaurus should be shuffled to the side along with unicorns and Easter bunnies. Instead, we were all told to be happy with the Apatosaurus. The Apatosaurus isn't all bad. But after a childhood of high-regard for the mighty Brontosaurus, the Apatosaurus feels like a second rate compensation of a dinosaur with a name the inspires the imagination to halt.
 A long time ago, scientists mulled over the fossil evidence and decided the Brontosaurus was too similar to the Apatosaurus to be considered a separate and unique dinosaur. Because the Brontosaurus name came second, the paleontologists kept the name Apatosaurus and left behind the name Brontosaurus. But now, a team of true dinosaur heroes, led by scientist Emanuel Tschopp from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, have done an intensive scientific investigation that is chalk full of evidence that the Brontosaurus was indeed a real creature! We may never have Pluto back in the ranks of 'planet', but maybe we will finally have the Brontosaurus back in the ranks of true dinosaur! 

(Information about the reinstating of Brontosaurus as a real dinosaur found at: Brusatte, Stephen. " Why Brontosaurus Is No Longer A Dirty Word For Dinosaur Hunters" IFLScience! April 7th, 2015. Web.  April 22nd, 2015.) 


Nicole said...

Oh, these are beautiful!! I love cherry blossoms. <3

Hooray for the Brontosaurus! That is really excellent news. :)

Amber said...

Thanks! I love when the blossoms come back every Spring. I agree that it is excellent news about the Brontosaurus! :)