Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Train Songs

     A long time ago, I went to a birthday party at a mysterious place. It was a karaoke joint and Asian restaurant, but instead of being in a normal building, it was in a bunch of old train cars that were somehow connected. From the outside, the place was cheerfully colorful and dingy at the same time. On the inside, the place was like a fun house maze full of weird turns, dim lighting and interesting trinkets. Normally, I remember to take my camera with me everywhere, but on this fateful day, I forgot. This was before I had a camera on my phone too, so I could not even take blurry cell phone pictures of the place. This strange place was in a part of Seattle I was never in, somewhere South of downtown. So after that night, I never went there again or even happened upon it. I also never heard anyone talk about it. It was almost as if I had imagined the entire place.
     But recently, I took a different bus than I usually do to work. I got off at a different stop and walked the rest of the way to work on a different path. I was walking down the cracked pavement next to a bland road full of car exhaust. I passed a car wash and an abandoned building and then, there it was! The mysterious karaoke restaurant! I wasn't working where I am now when I went to this place, but it is still funny that the mysterious train car restaurant that I sometimes wondered about was so close to my work.

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